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artgroupuk-Free Business Evaluation

Art is offering companies the opportunity to benefit from a free one day Business Process Review Workshop

This is an opportunity for management to review existing business processes to measure performance and efficiency.

This workshop includes an introduction to Symantec Workflow, where we will reformulate business scenarios and identify means of improving processes and reducing operational costs.


Our Customer Promise

We are totally committed to delivering and supporting your projects and services through excellent project guidance, project management, resource and communication.


  • Art Technology Charity Epos solution simplifies the required Retail Gift Aid process saving you time and money whilst providing your charity with an easy way to increase your charity’s income by up to 30% with no further cost to the donor, whilst providing your shop with a feature rich touch screen tilling system
  • Donors can be registered at the till with all details collected and a Gift Aid declaration can be printed from the till for signature and a temporary donor card issued with their unique donor id details
  • Any donated goods brought in or collected by van can now be assigned to this donor and first level bar code labels printed unique to the donor
  • All goods received are then passed to warehouse for inspection, repair if necessary (white goods, electrical items) and final pricing. The final bar code is then printed which will show item description, price , unique bar code for donor and whether a Gift Aid is claimable
  • Once the item has been selected for purchase the till operator scans the bar code, the price, item and category automatically populates at the till and tender payment. If it is a Gift Aid item the back office function starts the process for a Gift Aid claim and messages the Gift Aid Action Centre for the Gift Aid managers attention
  • Gift Aid action centre which can be configured to supply a snap shot of required data to speed the process of Gift Aid sold donated goods providing at a glance sales data per shop, staff member and group
  • Ability to block donors who choose not to donate their sales
  • Set thresholdsof Gift Aid bands allowing customisation for individual donors

Gift Aid at Head Office

  • Donor records are automatically populated from sales at the till with item description, price and Gift Aid value.
  • A donor confirmation letter for new donors with permanent donor card attached is produced
  • Donor confirmation letter of sale is sent to batch print for all sales when requested. Action centre auto populates with any donor details missing for attention of Gift Aid manager
  • Defined period set where the values of all gift aid sales are automatically added to gift aid claim database
  • Full suite of reports allowing complete management of gift aid claims with drill downs on the majority for reports for additional data such as postcode verification, donated stock unsold, partial claim or refusal of gift aid donation
  • HMRC suite of reports for snapshot of claims based on shop, user, and chain group
  • Full sales data for all shops individually or as a group with breakdown of items sold, gift aid value, commission charged, VAT etc.
  • Settings tab to allow configuration of batch letters emails, commission % charged etc.

Powerful Automation

Increased business agility through comprehensive automation of IT and business processes.

Flexible Integration

Automate 3rd party business systems including CRM, ERP, accounting software, collaboration systems and just about anything with a database and/or web interface.

Save Money

Reduce costs through improved automated processes which increase business agility through comprehensive automation of IT.

Increase Efficiency

Stay compliant and show trends, view status, and discover inefficiencies through complete documentation and powerful reporting capabilities.

Our Expertise

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Sharepoint

Working with Art

We ensure every project is not only successfully delivered, but represents an enjoyable experience. We work closely with clients throughout every stage of a project to fully understand requirements, aims and evolving project deliverables.

All projects are planned and delivered using correctly skilled resources chosen purposely for each project. We will always maintain open and regular communication through a single point of contact, who is dedicated to the success and timely delivery of each project.