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Art is offering companies the opportunity to benefit from a free one day Business Process Review Workshop

This is an opportunity for management to review existing business processes to measure performance and efficiency.

This workshop includes an introduction to Symantec Workflow, where we will reformulate business scenarios and identify means of improving processes and reducing operational costs.


Our Customer Promise

We are totally committed to delivering and supporting your projects and services through excellent project guidance, project management, resource and communication.

Case Studies

To receive a full .PDF version of any of our case studies by email, please complete your details and tick the Case Studies of interest. If there isn’t a case study listed for your preferred sector, please contact us.

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Industry: Financial
Location: London, UK
Project: Prepaid Cards/Forex Services Portal

International client, selling prepaid cards and Forex solutions. They were looking for a solution interacting with different card providers and for the online sales of various services.

Industry: Media & Entertainment
Location: London, UK
Project: Prepaid Cards/Forex Services Portal

Customer required a solution to launch their online DVD rental operations in the UK. The system needed to manage inventory, user access and online rental routines for the users. The online portal needed to be designed to support multiple countries selling prepaid cards and forex solution, which could interact with different card providers and online sales.

Industry: Sports & Leisure
Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Project: Mobile Solutions For Merchandisers

Inventory project to lower operational costs and improve the efficiency of stock control and its movements. This was for a retailer with over 100 outlets in leading sports & leisure centres across UK including Esporta, David Lloyd and Holmes Place. They were severely limited due to the lack of IT infrastructures. For their business model to succeed, it was vital that accurate stock level information was available in real time at head office and for the merchandisers to restock items.

Industry: Automobile
Location: Texas, US
Project: Inspection Solution for Automobiles

A major Japanese car retailer application for use at car auctions during vehicle inspection. The application needed to be web based and capture text and imagery of a vehicles condition. This data would be sent to head office in real-time to enable them to make more informed decisions prior to purchasing vehicles.

Industry: Utilities/Energy Monitoring
Location: North England, UK
Project: Energy Data Monitoring

A data monitoring solution for a major energy company in the north of England. The project was a web based system that needed excellent data visualisation, data processing and reporting features. This was a system designed for their customers, allowing them to view information in a meaningful manner.

Industry: Infrastructure Management
Location: Berkshire, UK
Project: Network & Asset Monitoring Tool

The application needed to be designed for analysing networks remotely. It needed to capture information on system assets including CPU speed, hard disk details and system alerts/problems, which needed to be sent to a common DB and accessible/monitored from any location.

Our Expertise

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Sharepoint

Working with Art

We ensure every project is not only successfully delivered, but represents an enjoyable experience. We work closely with clients throughout every stage of a project to fully understand requirements, aims and evolving project deliverables.

All projects are planned and delivered using correctly skilled resources chosen purposely for each project. We will always maintain open and regular communication through a single point of contact, who is dedicated to the success and timely delivery of each project.